hat trick shot

  • Good luck with your game ★★★★
    Hello dev, Last time I left a review I was very hard on you (and on the typos). I think it was a good marketing strategy to get players to find your game (to have the name of a popular game in your games name, BRAWL hoops STARS). Anyway, I still have a bit of feedback for you but overall you have a great game here. First I would remove the heavy amount of adds. Limit it so that only every 3 fails you get an add. Also I think you should remove the ring of stars around the ball (it is a little unsettling). But other than that I want to say sorry for the last review and I hope that the feedback helped! -Bradyogaming
    By bradyogaming for Version 6.8
  • It's fun. It's easy. ★★★★★
    5 stars! This app is a lot of fun and passes the time very well. The physics are pretty accurate, however it's a little buggy
    By Oocheewawe cui for Version 5.2
  • Simple but I like it ★★★★★
    People say the graphics are simple but I love it. Most addicting game on my iPhone. Play it constantly though it does drain your battery.
    By billynich:3544 for Version 5.2
  • Great Game!!! ★★★★★
    I play it whenever I am stressed and anytime I have a free time just to keep my mind pre-occupied. It is a great mind game
    By igot@689 for Version 5.2
  • Awesome ★★★★★
    This is a difficult, fast thinking game that challenges quick thinking and looking. I think it's a good game.
    By 3Sunzawa for Version 5.2

You are looking for some fast and addictive ball game an your mobile device?
Try to shoot a Hat trick and do not miss a goal, that’s how you collect precious points. The more points you collect, the more exciting balls you can unlock!
Ready to put your shooting skills to test?
Play it now and get hooked on the awesomeness that is a Hat Trick shoot!

How to Play:
❖ Shoot the ball through the rings
❖ Try to shoot Hat Tricks to get bonus points
❖ Don’t miss a shot


Game Features:


❖ Unlock more than 70 balls
❖ Amazing visuals & high audio quality
❖ Share your score and your hat tricks with your friends and challenge them
❖ addictive game play
❖ Over 12 very challenging achivements
❖ Challenging sports game perfect to kill time

Get Hat trick shot on your

iphone / ipad

android device